Wedding Tuxedos or Suits? Well Whats the Difference?

A lot of people are unsure about the difference between wedding tuxedos, & wedding suits. The bottom line is that tuxedos have satin and suits don’t. Usually tuxedos are worn with a bow tie & suits are worn with long tie. That’s the standard tradition but you can wear a bow tie with a suit… View Article

Sports Jackets for Fall 2013

With the Fall season getting a little colder in Southern California we can expect to have a greater selection in thicker sports coats and suits. Let’s start off with some of the more popular tweed and plaid styles for Fall 2013. A smart and professional look without the need of a up an tidy suit…. View Article

MAGIC Las Vegas

  We were thrilled to have taken part in this years Fall Magic Men’s, we had the pleasure of seeing our friends, clients, and new faces! Men’s Magic is a great trade show for any and all clothing companies that want to make an impression with their designs and unique appeals. The Magic Show’s purpose… View Article
Summer Suggestions

Summer Suit Styles

Our last post was dedicated to finding the balance between looking great and staying professional. In any competitive field we know looking good is a must, so now lets say you landed your job and you’re ready to start. You may be asking yourself how you may continue to impress. Here are some great simple tips… View Article

Dressing for an interview

You should never… Let’s begin by understanding two things you should never, and I repeat STRONGLY you should never wear to an interview. That’s jeans or sneakers. While you might think the $200 designer jeans or $130 Air Jordans are good enough to land you that job, think again. This type of attire represents laid back and… View Article