Dressing for an interview


You should never…

Let’s begin by understanding two things you should never, and I repeat STRONGLY you should never wear to an interview. That’s jeans or sneakers. While you might think the $200 designer jeans or $130 Air Jordans are good enough to land you that job, think again. This type of attire represents laid back and lazy when it comes to a job. These might be small details to the big picture, however these guidelines apply to all jobs, no exceptions.

One life, one suit

The best thing you can wear that never fails is a Suit. First impression is everything! You’d want to let them know that the job you’re applying for is very important to you and that you take their time very seriously. This is where the suit comes in; the suit will tell them you’re experienced and motivated. Of course attitude, personality, and skills is everything, but now that we are on the same page about looking great for that interview lets dive into the details of perfecting your look.

We’ll tell you about colors

When choosing a suit you’d want to stick to conservative colors like black, charcoal, or navy blue. If you don’t own a suit we always recommend our customers buy a black suit. A black suit can be dressed up or down. It can also be worn for a variety of future occasions. Try to find the most inexpensive suit as you might not land the job, however you should try to avoid shiny suits.
Now that you’ve browsed only a hundred stores and found the suit that you liked best, it’s time to find the right shirt and tie to go with it. Let’s make the shirt selection easy, wear white! No one ever criticized a white shirt, they can’t say that shirt is too bright or too dark, the best part of it all is that it matches with everything. Remember the interview should be about your qualifications for the job you’re applying to, not your taste in fashion.

My suit & tie

Now, the hardest part of dressing for an interview is the tie. The tie is what gives the suit attitude while also expressing your personal style. So you’d want to get a tie that speaks out to the world right? Wrong, you can wear whichever color you’d like once you land the job, however for the interview try your best to keep it simple, less is more. Wear a very conservative tie like a simple stripe tie is best; just be sure to avoid any crazy colors. Tie colors to avoid would include red, pink, and yellow; pretty much any bright or neon colors, stick to blues, grays, and blacks. Just remember you don’t want a fun tie or crazy pattern, no one wants to hire the class clown!

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