What cuts or fits are your suits?

We have 4 different specialized cuts that we have in stock at all of our stores. You’ll find that most recently the buzz words going around are “Slim Fit suits” which means cutting extra fabric around the mid section and leg of the pant. Choosing a fit may be daunting at first, however one thing to keep in mind is selecting the fit that compliments your body type.

You’ll also be glad to know that all of our suits include an extra 1.5 inches of fabric inside the pants to allow for alterations on the waist and extra fabric on the arm for length.

Slim Fit
Our slim fit suits have a tapered leg and thigh measuring at 7 to 7.5 inches. The coat has a natural drape that contours along the shoulders and waist. This fit is recommended for a tailored fit right off the rack.

Fashion Fit
When trying on our various other fits you’ll find that this one is right in the middle. It has slightly more fabric than the slim fit but less so than the modern fit. It’s one of our most popular choices, as it’s very versatile, fitting different body types.

Modern Fit
When looking for a larger fit, this cut may be considered classic. It includes a large mid-section and generally comes in 100% wool. The suit has a 8 to 8.5 width on the pant. If looking for a relaxed and comfortable fit this cut is for you.

Big Fit
This fit is one of our largest cuts available, it provides extra fabric all around and is suggested for men big and tall.

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