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Summer Suggestions

Our last post was dedicated to finding the balance between looking great and staying professional. In any competitive field we know looking good is a must, so now lets say you landed your job and you’re ready to start. You may be asking yourself how you may continue to impress. Here are some great simple tips and tricks for suiting up while helping you stay fresh for summer.

Our summer suits are in and you might be excited to try them on! They come as 3 piece suits in a variety of colors, however since we are experiencing some of the hottest weather in Southern California we definitely need to stick to light colors such as grey, brown, and tan.


Tan and Blue


The combination as seen above is this years most definite summer look and it’s not planning to go anywhere. We are seeing the tan sports jacket with blue shirt combination everywhere. This keeps a very upbeat and professional style that even feels energetic. It’s highly recommended for when you have a “case of the Mondays.”


Let’s start with The Suit

Choosing a suit for summer occasions might feel a little daunting at first specially here in Orange County, California. However, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the selections available at The Suit Co. The first thing you must consider is where the special occasion takes place, this will help you define your look.


Vitarelli Men's Suits


For example this is our Vitarelli 220 Grey suit. It’s perfectly crafted and feels absolutely amazing. The suit has been very popular for Weddings, Quinceaneras,  and everyday work.


The reason you want to consider your special event first is because you don’t want to show up to an indoor event looking like you’re ready for a beach wedding. Don’t worry we’re here to help.

Recommended Colors for Outdoor Events:

1. Tan
2. Light Grey
3. Offwhite

Recommended Colors for Indoor Events:
2.Dark Grey


Choosing the color of your suit is most definitely important but how you style it with the shirt, shoes, watch, and belt is how you define it.



Which shirt should I take?

Selecting a shirt is the most fun part of putting a summer suit together, you can get super creative and edgy.  I’m sure you’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff come from GQ, take a look at their latest post.

The recommended shirt would ideally be a Slim Fit cut. The main reason for this is you don’t want extra fabric hanging on to you durring summer. You want a relaxed and playful look, not a beach bum look.  When choosing your shirt keep a keen eye for the the type of collar it has. The collars used for summer shirts are usually short in height and width. We just got some new shirts at The Suit Co. and our choice of color for this summer is Pink and Blue.

We got new shirts at The Suit Co.

We have a good feeling about Pink and Blue, these two colors go very well with any light colored suits.


Now that you know a little more about selecting a shirt, you should always keep an eye out for some fresh ties and bows.


For this summer we recommend a navy blue coat and blue or pink shirt.


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